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OPPO Find 7/7a and VOOC Rapid Charging gets Best Innovation award from PhoneArena

OPPO has once again proved to be the most innovative smartphone company of the world by grabbing the PhoneArena “Best Innovation Award 2014”. OPPO’s Flagship devices Find 7/7a and VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-Step Constant-Current Charging) have been praised for delivering the unrivaled rapid charging technology.
As compared to the conventional charging VOOC Rapid Charging technology charges the Find 7/7a up to 75% in just 30 minutes, additionally a 5 minute charge is sufficient to provide backup for 2 hours call. It should be noted that to protect the battery, VOOC charger provides lower current to complete the remaining charge after 75%.

Find 7/7a uses a 7-pin USB charger with a maximum output of 4.5 Ampere and the battery consists of several cells joined together. That way they can be quickly charged using a strong current without overloading or damaging the battery. The VOOC is actually the first charging technology that can finish a full charge in about 1 hour, with the highest level of security protection.

Additionally the devices that don’t support VOOC rapid charging technology can still be charged using the 4.5 Ampere charger, however the charging speed will be reduced.


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