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Overwatch adds new map and new cosmetics

Back at Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard’s big announcement for it’s first person shooter Overwatch was the character Moira – a much needed new healer class hero. But equally exciting was news of a new map: Blizzard World, a Disneyland-esque theme park jam packed with references to the studios line up of games from Hearthstone to Heroes of the Storm. Today, that map goes live, along with a host of new skins and other extras.

The map is a hybrid type that starts as point capture and then switches to escort the payload, much like Numbani. Blizzard World is a feast for the eyes, creating rides and zones patterned after locations and events from Blizzard’s roster of games.

There’s more than just a map in this update. Players get access to 100 new cosmetic items to find in loot boxes. These are additions to the core cosmetics pool, meaning they aren’t tied to any specific event and can be earned year round. 17 of the cosmetic items are skins – everything from barbarian Zarya to Ecopoint Antartica Mei is available. The other 83 are standard fare, from emotes to highlight intros to sprays.


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