Overwatch introduces it’s ‘Halloween Terror’ event.

Halloween is on it’s way, and Blizzard decided to celebrate the occasion with a ‘Halloween Terror’ event in Overwatch. The month long event introduces new skins for characters and a fresh new game mode in which you battle zombie robots.

The event like all previous other Overwatch events holds many surprises for skin enthusiasts. Mcree has gotten a new skin that dresses him up as Van Helsing. Zenyatta gets a new skin that makes him look like he is ripped straight out of a H.P. Lovecraft story. Skins introduced in last year’s event will also be returning this year such as those for Solider 76 and Hanzo. Other costumes make the games heroes look like vikings, pirates, and other things you would expect to see on Halloween.

The event brings with it a new Endless Mode for players to play in groups of up to four people. The game mode pits four players against endless waves of Dr. Junkenstiens Zomnics. This years update also increases the number of heroes you can play in the mode.

There is a bit of good news for people who have already unlocked a majority of the games unlockables. Blizzard tweaked things in this event so that you get more event specific loot in lootboxes than before and to reduce the number of duplicates, so if you already have a bunch of stuff unlocked, you should be able to get something new. You can also purchase the new skins via the in game currency.

The event lasts till November 1.


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