Overwatch season 6 is almost here! Here’s whats changing.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s newest IP, a phenomenally popular team based first person shooter. Competitive play in Overwatch takes place in seasons. Up till now the game ran it’s 5th season, with season 6 on the way soon.

In a new ‘Developer update’ from Blizzard, Game Director Jeff Kaplan explained all of the changes headed our way for season 6 of Overwatch.

The first change for this season is the duration of the season itself. The season will now be two months long instead of three months long. The reason stated for this change was that the dev team thinks that engagement is a lot higher in the start of the season and they wanted to keep this excitement going throughout the season. Players will also earn more points per win in this season to account for the shorter duration of the season. Similarly, end of season rewards have been reduced, but will be given out to players more often. Jeff states that the total amount of rewards per year should roughly be the same.

One more major change coming our way is the way in which control maps are played. They are being reduced from a best of five to a best of three. Kaplan stating the reason for this change, said that control maps could often take too long and this change would make them quicker and less punishing to lose.

A change to the placement matches system means that you will be given a rank more accurately. Kaplan mentioned that seasons four and five were intentionally placing people lower as an experiment.

Another change to the rank decay system means that you will now only be required to play five games per week down from seven to preserve your rank. Jeff said that even though the rank decay system is currently necessary, they are working on other ways to get rid of it entirely.

And finally, some changes to the matchmaking system mean that top tier players will have to wait longer in queue times to find matches, but the matches will be more balanced. Kaplan said that they are actively monitoring the system to ensure that wait times don’t become too long.




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