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Payoneer users can now send money to their Pakistani bank accounts


In the absence of PayPal in Pakistan, Payoneer is the service that almost all the Pakistani freelancers and entrepreneurs use to receive money from their clients abroad. In a unexpected move, Payoneer now allows anyone to attach a Pakistani bank account with their Payoneer account to wire transfer the money here.

Prior to this, Payoneer did not have wire transfer option for Pakistani banks and most of the users opted for the ATM withdrawal option which only works at some of the ATMs locally and also has a transaction fee attached to it. On the other hand, the wire transfer options does not have any fees. However, as the Payoneer does not support PKR currency and the payment is wired in USD, local banks do charge a 3.5% conversion fee (which was applicable to ATM withdrawals as well).

Currently, the minimum limit for the wire transfer option is $200 and like any wire transfer, it takes 2-3 days to reach on the receiving end.


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