PCMark Making its way to Android, iOS & Windows RT

Futuremark’s newly launched PCMark 8 Professional Edition for desktops has been a great success. Its a benchmark that tests systems with everyday scenarios and determines which device has the best battery life and which holds the performance crown in the industry. The company is planning on bringing PCMark to Android, iOS and Windows RT based phones all around the world in order to help users determine which is the right device for them.

PCMark 8 Professional Eidtion _1

Similar to the Windows version, PCMark for mobile will test the device under everyday scenarios such as browsing the internet, playing games, taking pictures etc. This will give users a realistic set of data to determine the performance and battery life of their device.

Futuremark works closely with many technological firms in order to make sure that their developments work on every device and configuration without any issues. PCMark will be developed with the help of expert personnel of many firms which are part of the company’s Benchmark Development Program (BDP). The company is also inviting major mobile manufacturers to join its BDP program and help with the development of PCMark for mobile devices.

Presently Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Seagate and many more companies are part of Futuremark’s BDP program and there will be an increase in the number companies in the future. There is no specific release date announced for PCMark mobile version since the benchmark is in the development stage at the moment.


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