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LCE & PlanX among 20 most active startup accelerators of Asia & Oceania

Two of the most prestigious startup accelerators of Pakistan, LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship (LCE) and PlanX, have made it to the list of 20 most active accelerators in Asian & Oceanian Accelerator Report 2015.

This report by Gust and Fundacity is a follow up to the one published in 2014. The main aim of this report is to understand how the accelerator industry has developed in the region, how accelerators are funded and monetized, while providing insights on the direction of the industry in the near future. The report includes some very thoroughly researched statistics for which over 125 organizations were surveyed in the Asia/Oceania region, out of which 54 qualified as accelerators.

According to this report, 1295 startup in this region attracted a total investment of about $16.8 million through 54 accelerators in 2015. Australian startups got the most amount of investments adding up to $5.6 million closely followed by India which got around $3.9 million. Fintech and IoT are the hotest markets, according to the report, closely followed by health and education.

According to this report, Pakistan has three startup accelerators – LCE, PlanX and Invest2Inovate. The former two have made it to the list of most active accelerators by the number of accelerated startups. LCE falls 11th in the list with 31 accelerated startups while PlanX is at 19th number with 18 startups.

Top 10 spots of the list are mostly occupied by Indian accelerators which means that Pakistan has a lot of room to grow in terms of entrepreneurship.


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