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Pokemon GO is partnering up with McDonalds


Pokemon GO, currently, only comes with in-app purchases but there seems to a lot of monetization potential in the game which is yet to be tapped. Some business and restaurants have already started taking advantages of the game by offering special Pokemons in their premises to customers but Nintendo and Niantic is still not making any considerable amount of money from the game. However, that seems to be changing soon as the developers behind Pokemon GO have struck a partnership deal with the leading fast food chain McDonalds.

There is a large community of software developers on Reddit which are trying to reverse-engineer Pokemon GO in effort to create APIs among other things. Some of these developers have discovered decomplied code of the game which contains several references to McDonalds and the assets of the game also contains fast food chain’s logo.

Upon further investigation, Gizmodo has learned from well-placed sources that Pokemon GO has indeed formed a partnership deal with McDonalds. The specifics of the deal are not known yet but apparently, in one Asian country, all the McDonald restaurants will either be Pokestops or Gyms (imagine the irony of ‘McDonalds’ being a ‘gym’). That one country is also unknown but there are great chances that it will be Japan (where the game is not launched yet) considering that its home to both Nintendo and Pokemon Company. McDonalds have done some previous partnerships with both the companies behind Pokemon GO as well. It is also unclear whether the deal will only be limited to one country or its just a test run and will be extended to other countries later down the road.


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