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PowerColor HD 7950 PCS+ Review


We used latest MSI AfterBurner and GPUz along with Furmark 1.9.1 and our benchmarking suite to test the overclockability and stability at the highest possible clock. Fan and voltage settings are left on default during overclocking.

Please note that every card overclocks to a different level, our testing should only be considered as a guideline to what you should expect from your card.

AMD 7000 series are exceptionally good overclockers and this HD 7950 is no exception. PowerColor HD 7950 PCS+ comes with 880 MHz core clock out of the box and 1000 MHz is issue for these cards so that was our first step. We set the core clock to 1000 MHz and without any voltage adjustments it was stable. We kept pushing further till we reached around 1070 MHz, that’s where we started increasing the voltage and at 1.35v we were able to reach 1160 MHz on core. For memory, we settled at 1560 MHz. That’s a 32% overclock on core and around 25% overclock on memory as compared to its default clocks. If we compare it to the reference card, then it’s exactly 45% overclock on the core.

Overclocked Performance:

We ran Unigine Heaven 2.5 at 1080p to check the actual performance gain.


Power Consumption:

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