Prices of Intel Devil’s Canyon and Pentium Processors Leaked

Intel’s AIB partners were quick to release their Z97 chipset motherboards even though the company has delayed the launch of Devil’s Canyon processors. The delay did not stop the leaks emerging on the web regarding the performance and architecture of the Haswell Refresh CPUs. A retailer in the US has listed the prices of Devil’s Canyon processors – Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K along with unlocked Pentium CPUs.

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Intel Devil’s Canyon Pricing and Details

The Devil’s Canyon family includes just two CPUs, the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K while the non-K variants are named as Haswell Refresh. Both CPUs are equipped with quad cores but the latter has hyper threading disabled. The most noticeable difference between Devil’s Canyon and current Haswell unlocked variants is the clock speed. The Core i7-4790K comes with 4.0 GHz base clock and 4.4 GHz Turbo clock speed which is a huge improvement over Haswell. Current Haswell processors are known for heating up and poor overclocking performance but it seems that Intel has made some major changes in the design. On the other hand, Core i5-4690K features a base clock of 3.5 GHz with Turbo boost up to 3.9 GHz. The CPU also comes with 6 MB L3 cache and a max TDP of 88 W. The Core i7 variant has a 8 MB L3 cache and 8 threads. Devil’s Canyon supports both Z87 and Z97 chipset motherboards although the former might need a BIOS flash before installation. For complete pricing, please refer to the table below:

Model No. Price
Core i3-4150 LGA1150 3 MB 3.5 GHz $129.88
Core i5-4460 LGA1150 6 MB 3.4 GHz $201.89
Core i5-4590 LGA1150 6 MB 3.7 GHz $212.51
Core i5-4590T LGA1150 6 MB 3.0 GHz $212.51
Core i5-4690 LGA1150 6 MB 3.9 GHz $236.12
Core i5-4690K LGA1150 6 MB 3.9 GHz $254..01
Core i7-4790T LGA1150 8 MB 3.9 GHz $333.07
Core i7-4790 LGA1150 8 MB 4.0 GHz $333.07
Core i7-4790K LGA1150 8 MB 4.4 GHz $362.96
Pentium G3240 LGA1150 3 MB 3.1 GHz $74.17
Pentium G3258 LGA1150 3 MB 3.2 GHz $78.05

VR-Zone Chinese recently leaked a CPU-Z screenshot of the unlocked Pentium processor, the G3258. The screenshot confirms the specifications and an unlocked multiplier. It seems like that Intel has kept the “K” branding scheme only for its Core series family. Never the less, the new Pentium CPU can become popular in budget builds for users who are tight on cash but want to experience overclocking. It is still not confirmed whether a Z97 chipset motherboard is required to overclock the G3258 or even H97 would do. The dual core chip is based on the 22 nm manufacturing process and does not supports hyper threading as well.

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