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Prisma now works offline

Prisma Android

Prisma recently rose to fame with its artificial intelligence powered photo filters which turned ordinary photos into pieces of art. There was one little issue though, applying the filter took anywhere between 8-10 seconds because the picture had to be uploaded to Prisma’s server where it was processed before being sent to your phone again. This also required a strong internet connection.

However, the developers behind Prisma have now optimized the filter algorithms in such a way that it does not need high-performance servers and can be applied using the processing power of your smartphone. The speed will obviously depend on how fast your phone is but according to Prisma, the update should cut the processing time by about 25%. iPhone 6 takes about 6 seconds to apply the filters while the iPhone 6s takes about 5 seconds. The updated app is already available on iOS with Android version rolling out soon.

The major advantage of the update is that people with low data plans or in remote areas can now enjoy Prisma filters as many times as they want without the need for an internet connection.

Now that Prisma’s servers are free, they are being re-purposed for video as the app developers plan to bring the artistic filters to video as well. The app has now been downloaded over 52 million times with 4 million daily active users


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