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Punjab to get a new computerized vehicle registration system next month

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Punjab Government is introducing a vehicle registration system next month. It will not only make the whole registration process hassle free but it will also discourage forged and applied-for number plates.

While addressing a gathering in Rawalpindi, Salman Sufi, a senior member of Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (Law and Order), revealed the plans for this new system which is being dubbed as Computerised Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS).

Under the new system, dealers will provide the number plates along with new vehicles after depositing the registration and number plate fee in the National Bank themselves. The dealers will also be responsible for keeping a computerized record of the sold vehicles as well as the number issued with them. There will be a charge of Rs 2,000 on cars and Rs 500 on motorcycles which dealers will collect from customers upon issuing the number plate.

Punjab Government will also issue licenses to registered dealers who would be allowed to sale/purchase vehicles as well as issue numbers plates. According to Salman Sufi, about 1.6 million people registered their vehicles in Punjab last year by standing in long lines but the new DVRS system will resolve this issue as well as numbers will be easily available through dealers right at the time of purchase.

In addition to the apparent benefits, the DVRS will also ensure that people can’t avoid paying taxes on their vehicles by registering them late. Furthermore, a computerized card will also be issued along with new number plates. This card will not only act as a ‘registration book’ but will also carry complete record of sale and purchase of the vehicles.


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