More Radeon R9 290X benchmarks leaked; beats GTX Titan

R9 290

AMD announced their new flagship Radeon R9 290X graphics card a few days ago but not much in terms of its specifications or performance was revealed. However, now we finally have some solid numbers. A TechPowerUp reader has access to the R9 290X and according to him, the card is running at 800 MHz on default and there is no dynamic overclocking in it but it downclocks depending on temperatures and load. And the 4GB GDDR5 memory is running across a 512-bit wide memory interface at speeds of 1125 MHz with memory bandwidth of 288 GB/s.

AMD Radeon R9 290X Price _1

Some Radeon R9 290X benchmarks have also been leaked. The tests were ran on the card at 5760 x 1080 pixels and the results were compared against the mighty NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan running at same resolution and settings. And exactly as we reported prior to the official announcement, the R9 290X is as fast GTX Titan and most of the time, it is even ahead of Titan by a few percents. If these benchmarks are to be believed along with the recent report that suggest the R9 290X to be priced at $599, then it appears like AMD has a clean win-win situation here.

R9 290X Benchmarks (2) R9 290X Benchmarks (3) R9 290X Benchmarks (1)

For more benchmarks, visit TechPowerUp.


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