Rahul Sood leaves his dream job at Microsoft to start Unikrn

Everyone remembers Voodoo PC gaming systems founded in 1991 by Rahul Sood which was later bought by HP. Since the takeover, Voodoo PC vanished from the PC world, once a company which was known for some of the best gaming PCs has now simply vanished from the radar. On the other hand, Rahul Sood went on to get his dream job at Microsoft which eventually led to the formation of Microsoft Venture. Today, everything changes.

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Unikrn by Rahul Sood will bring something new to the gaming world

Rahul Sood has been a very respectable personality in the world of technology. His work at Microsoft does not go unnotice since he was the one who formed Bing Funds (now Microsoft Ventures) which helps small startups around the world. As Rahul says himself,

I basically created my dream job and now I’m leaving it.

It is not surprising to see someone like Rahul Sood who has been passionate about gaming since the early 90s leaving his dream job for his passion. He has been advising Razer and Vrvana during his time at Microsoft and now he has decided to give them some competition. Rahul did not reveal any details about Unikrn but assuming consultancy to Razer and Vrvana we think he is bringing something new which the gaming world has yet to see.

We already know that he has the knowledge and the experience of making gaming PCs. May be he is thinking of making his own modular PC and get the hardware manufacturers on-board where Razer is struggling with its Project Christine. These are all assumptions but I for one know that Rahul will not leave his dream job just to make gaming peripherals. The next big thing is Virtual Reality and that is something Unikrn can certainly improve.

For now you can contact Rahul, CEO of Unikrn on his social media accounts or just visit the official website of Unikrn.


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