RAIDMAX Intros Seiran Gaming Chassis In Three Colors

The new SEIRAN case from the leading PC chassis maker, RAIDMAX, combines power-user features with ease-of-assembly, stylish design and server-class expandability and toughness. SEIRAN gives PC builders easy access and tool-less installation, simple cable management, plus great expandability, and stunning design with a selection of three color schemes.

Stand-out features of RAIDMAX’s new SEIRAN case include front panel controls for fan speed and internal LED brightness, unlike competing PC cases which disturb you with noisy cooling fans and light up rooms with excessively bright LEDs, SEIRAN is easy to live with.

This case combines cool design with uncompromising strength and amazing versatility, just like its namesake, the submarine-launched Aichi M6A Seiran single-engined aircraft, which even today is still recognized as one of the most innovative naval fighting aircraft ever constructed.

SEIRAN is designed to be easy to assemble and easy to upgrade. Convenient handles on both side panels make it easy to slide the panels out and back in. These handles fold away when not in use. RAIDMAX’s click-lock technology makes installation or removal of disk drives remarkably simple: no tools are needed. Disk drives just slide smoothly into their bays and lock into place. SEIRAN’s drive bays do away with PC assembly hassles like finding the correct screws or fumbling with dropped screws inside the case.

SEIRAN can provide strong and steady air flow to lengthen the life of your expensive PC components. There are two 120mm fans, one at the front and one at the back, for optimum cooling effect. The front panel fan control lets you easily reduce fan noise. The optional side window 120mm or 180mm LED fan not only keeps your system cool but also makes it look great with a dimmable LED in a choice of either red or blue, depending on your selected chassis color scheme.

SEIRAN’s advanced cable management and protection features improve airflow and keep cables clear of fans. The specially designed cable retention ring keeps internal cables under control. The mesh expansion slots and mesh drive bay covers provide optimal cooling for your expensive disks, graphics card and other components.

SEIRAN future-proofs your PC investment with almost limitless expandability and an upgrade path for any scenario. There are 9 drive bays, all with meshed bay covers, so there is definitely enough room for 9 external expansion cards in total for serious server applications. Back panel tube outlets make it easy to upgrade the case with a water cooling system if required. Light but strong 0.5mm steel keeps your valuable PC components safe.

Even though SEIRAN is tall, thanks to its ample expansion space, specially designed feet keep it rock steady, even on carpet and other soft surfaces. The PC’s power supply installs at the bottom of the case to provide enhanced stability and enhanced cooling. A full-sized PSU fan filter keeps harmful dust out of your system. The filter slips out easily for cleaning – there’s no need to open the case.

Front panel audio and USB ports provide easy access for peripherals and media devices. The case has two 2.0 USB ports and one USB 3.0 port. A carrying handle on the top of the case makes it easy to move it around, making SEIRAN ideal for LAN parties and similar applications.

The new SEIRAN from RAIDMAX offers stunning design, unsurpassed ease-of-use, and amazing expandability. Once again, RAIDMAX is raising the bar in PC case design.

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