Razer BlackShark Battlefield 3 Edition Headset Review

Closer Look at the Headset:

BlackShark shares the looks of an aviator. It is designed to look like the kind of headsets pilots wear during combat, rightly though because BlackShark is actually an attack helicopter. This headset has circumaural design and wears comfortably. It fully covered my ears and did an excellent job of isolating me from external sound.

Structure of this headset is made up of shiny silver steel. The ear cups are covered by shiny black plastic giving it the signature looks to match that of a fighter pilot’s headset .The orange, white, silver and black blend together to match the battlefield 3 colors.

The drivers are almost one and a half inches deep. This is a little bit odd when compared to other headsets. These drivers are covered by an orange cloth.

Both the headband and ear cushions are made up of leatherette filled with memory foam. Leatherette is actually made of cloth but it is finished to give the look and feel of leather. It is quite soft and much comfortable to wear.

The headband is adjustable and should be able to cater many different sized and shaped heads. It has a sliding adjustment for increasing the length of each side to get the ear cups positioned just right upon your ears. Two screws, one on each side can be tightened to fix the headband in its position. The headband is black in color but it features orange stitching and has Battlefield 3 written in white color on the top.

The left ear cup has the microphone attached to it. The microphone on this headset is rather unique. We have never seen such a microphone design before. The microphone can rotate full 360 degrees and can bend from the middle. Moreover, the length of the microphone can be adjusted from the ear cup socket by simply pulling it.

This microphone is detachable. If you don’t need a microphone simply remove it and replace it with a small microphone replacement cover bundled with this headset.

Razer BlackShard has a 1.3 meter rubber sheathed cable that extends from the left ear cup. This cable is long enough to cater most system needs. This cable is orange in color. It is smooth, soft and durable. Unlike most Razer headset, there is no inline audio control in this one.

This cable ends at a gold platted black color 3.5mm connector. It uses a single connector for both audio and microphone. If you want separate connectors don’t worry because this headset comes bundled with a 1m audio/mic splitter adapter.

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