Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Battlefield 3 Gaming Keyboard Review


“Razer” The company famous for its exceptional gaming peripherals yet again manages to impress us with its new mechanical keyboard, The Blackwidow Ultimate. This astonishing mechanical keyboard takes your gaming experience to the next level. Razer spent three years designing this keyboard and have now taken mechanical keyboards to a whole new level of perfection.

Mechanical Keyboards are different from commonly used membrane keyboards. In the cheap membrane keyboards, a rubber cap is present beneath each plastic key. Each of these rubber caps have different thickness, hence a different feel for each key.

Somewhat better than membrane keyboard comes the scissor switch keyboard commonly used in laptops. These keys are softer and quitter with slightly better response times. They are primarily designed for faster typing whilst being cheap.

Now comes the Mechanical keyboard. In a mechanical keyboard each key has its own mechanical switch. These switches mechanically snaps back into its place after being pressed, giving tactile feedback. The solid clicking upon pressing gives a strong feel, and allows for faster typing

The price for these keyboards seems high but remember, they last 5 times more than an ordinary keyboards. Maximum-Tech’s math shows that in the long run they are actually cheaper than ordinary keyboards.

Today we have The Blackwidow Ultimate Battlefield 3 edition Mechanical Keyboard with us in our lab. Featuring full mechanical keys , 1000Hz Polling rate, 1ms response time, five programmable macro-keys with 10 customizable profiles and on-the-fly switching and a Braided cable, this keyboard is bound to provide a wonderful experience to any user.

The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is a riced up version of the standard Razer Blackwidow adding backlighting for the keys, a 2.0 USB port, an audio Jack and a microphone jack. However, do note that it requires two USB ports for its connection and the Battlefield 3 edition comes with a couple more add-ons like orange back lighting, Battlefield 3 paint job and code for Razer Serpent Battlefield 3 dog tag.


  • Full Mechanical Keys for Superior Tactility and Faster Response
  • On-The-Fly Macro Recording & Profiles allow Effortless Configuration
  • Individually Backlit Keys With 5 Levels of Lighting
  • Unlock the exclusive Razer Serpent Dog Tag

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