Razer Kraken Pro Review

Razer Kraken Pro


Razer Kraken Pro is one of the better gaming headsets I’ve come across in a while. It performs extremely well while playing games due to its bass response. The bass is well defined with muddled mids and highs, just as desired during gaming. It produces pulse pounding sounds in the action scenes and manages to grab the full attention. Being a closed headset, Kraken Pro keeps external distractions out and lets the gamers give their 100 percent.

We also tested it with our Blu-Ray collection of action movies to see how it performs and the results were great. This isn’t a surround sound headset; hence it focuses solely to produce deep rumbling bass and crisp highs making the sound effects sound more realistic.

Listening to music on this headset was not bad at all, but was neither exceptional. Even though the bass was deep and the highs were crisp, midtones were quite weak and sounded a bit quitter. There is always a tradeoff between music and gaming sound when you buy a headset.

The microphone on this headset is excellent for in-game chatting. In terms of specifications, it has a frequency response of 100-10000Hz with sensitivity of -40dB at 1 kHz. Signal to noise ratio is 52dB and we have a unidirectional pick-up pattern, meaning that it only picks up sound from a specific side or direction of the microphone. It does the job for a gamer and is adequate for casual communication.


Razer Kraken Pro is an amazing comfort provider. The headband is constructed as such to provide comfort as well as heat dissipation. A breathable, soft mesh underlines its headband that can be adjusted to cater all head sizes. The ear cups are soft and large with large openings which can encompass the ears comfortably. They are lined with a soft leather material. This structure of the ear cups blocks the external sounds and does not cause itchiness or unwanted pressure on the ears. Generous padding and adjustable microphone makes it possible to wear it for longer periods without feeling uncomfortable, fatigued, pressured, heated or inconvenient at all. However, in warmer environments, one might see slight amount of sweating.

Comfort is one of the important things while choosing a headset and being a gamer I know the importance of comfortable headsets. I’ve to admit that Razer has done a very good job in optimizing the Kraken Pro for long usages and they are rightful to claim that it is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets in the world.

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