Razer Onza Tournament Battlefield 3 Edition Gaming Controller Review


If you are into PC gaming then you can easily recognise the logo with three snakes in green colour. This logo is off Razer, the company who is popular for their top-end gaming peripherals that are specifically designed for PC gamers. Recently, Razer launched something that isn’t targeted solely towards PC gamers; instead it’s both for PC gamers and XBOX 360 owners. It’s the Razer Onza, a gamepad which is based on Microsoft’s stock XBOX 360 controller. Razer had to work hard because Microsoft’s stock XBOX 360 controller is already a great controller. According to our sources, Razer put almost 1 year in the development of this controller. So they took an already good controller and made it even better.

Today, we have the Razer Onza Tournament Battlefield 3 Edition in our lab. There are actually two editions of Onza; simple edition and Tournament edition. The Tournament edition comes with a couple of extra features like backlighting on buttons, analogue sticks with adjustable resistance and braided USB cord. The Battlefield 3 version is the Onza Tournament with Battlefield 3 paintjob.


  • Adjustable resistance analogue sticks
  • Two Additional Fully Programmable Buttons
  • Backlit Hyperesponse Action Buttons
  • 15 foot light-weight braided cable
  • Improved D-pad
  • Non-slip rubber surface

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