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Razer Phone comes with powerful specs but no real purpose

Razer Phone

Razer, best known for its gaming laptops and peripherals, has just launched their first gaming phone dubbed as Razer Phone. Its been in rumors for quite a while that the company was working on a phone and with the acquisition of Nextbit earlier this year, it only meant one thing that all those rumors were true.

Razer Phone Specifications:

Being true to its heritage, the Razer Phone comes with some beefy specifications. Major features of the phone include its 5.7-inch display which is sourced from Sharp and uses the IGZO technology. Its an LCD panel with 2560×1440 resolution. Razer did not go for the much modern OLED technology mainly because using LCD enables the 120Hz refresh rate which is the crown jewel of this phone. Razer is calling it “UltraMotion” which is basically a fancy word for higher refresh rate. The 120Hz refresh rate not only helps in games but it also makes the general animations a lot smoother. Furthermore, the display also has wide color gamut.

Another major highlight of the phone is its audio setup. It comes with two stereo speakers upfront which are Dolby ATMOS and THX certified. These speakers are pretty loud and have fairly high quality sound even at high volumes. There is no headphone jack unfortunately but Razer ships the Phone with a USB Type-C to 3.5-inch adaptor which also has a built-in 24-bit headphone DAC. This setup is suitable for high quality sound but it might upset some purists who like 3.5-inch headphone jack.

Here is a complete list of Razer Phone specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC
  • Adreno 540 GPU
  • 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage, plus a microSD slot for expansion of up to 2TB
  • Dual 12-megapixel cameras on the rear with different levels of optical zoom — one wide angle, one telephoto.
  • 8-megapixel cam on the front
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/AC, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC

Razer Phone also got a dual camera setup but its nothing to write home about. There is a 12MP F1.75 wide angle lens and a 13MP F2.6 zoom lens on the back. They are accompanied by an LED flash. On the front, there is a fixed focus 8MP camera on front.

The phone comes with a massive 4000mAh battery which should last a full day according to Razer. It would have lasted longer in a different phone but the 120Hz display takes a toll on the battery.

Similar to what Sony does, finger print sensor on the Razer Phone embedded in the power button on the side.

Razer will ship with an almost stock version of Android 7.1 Nougat and will be updated to 8.0 Oreo in early 2018.

Razer Phone Design:

In terms of design, the Razer Phone is nothing new. They simply took the Nextbit Robin, changed the bright plastic with dark aluminum and made it a little bit bigger to accommodate the bigger display. There are obviously huge bezels on top and bottom of the display which house the speakers. The bezels are not that disturbing considering the phone is targeted towards a niche market however the size is. The phone is roughly same as iPhone 8 Plus in terms of height and width but its a tad bit thicker. Combine that with the phone’s boxy design, it might be uncomfortable for single handed usage.

On the back of the phone, there is nothing much going on apart from the cameras and a greyed out Razer logo. No RGBs or anything crazy like that.

Razer will be working with game developers to create gaming profiles which will enhance the gaming experience on the Phone and until that’s done, the Razer Phone doesn’t serve any real purpose. Even after the gaming profiles are rolled out, we would have to see what kind of improvements they bring to the gaming experience. Until then, the iPhones still seem to be the best devices for mobile gaming as games are usually very well optimized on iOS.

One segment where Razer can truly transform mobile gaming is AR and VR. With the beefy specifications, Razer Phone should not have any issue handling such heavy gaming tasks. However, until then only the die-hard Razer fans will probably be buying the phone. And even some of them might be phased out by its $700 price tag.


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