Rebillion Confirms AMD Mantle coming to Sniper Elite 3

Most of you do remember AMD emphasizing on its upcoming Mantle API and Battlefield 4 is going to be the first game to make use of this technology. While Battlefield 4 has yet to receive a patch to enable Mantle, we have some more good news for Radeon owners. Rebellion Games has just announced that it also supports AMD’s Mantle technology and it will be implemented in its in-house game engine, Asura. This means that Sniper Elite 3 will make use of the Mantle API as well.

Sniper Elite 3 _1

Sniper Elite 3 Supports AMD Mantle

AMD is slowly progressing in its course to get game developers on board for its Mantle technology. The adoption rate is slow since only two developers have taken interest in the technology as per my knowledge. Though Mantle will be incorporated in 12 upcoming Frostbite powered games. Sniper Elite is a very popular game when it comes to benchmarking and testing graphics cards, also lets not forget the amazing gameplay experience of blowing heads off with your sniper rifle.

“It supports more platforms than almost any other engine we can think of and has important cutting edge features, including: tessellation, DirectX® 11 Compute Shaders, AMD Eyefinity technology, multi-GPU support and more”, says Rebellion’s CTO and Co-founder, Chris Kingsley. “Our first Mantle supported title will of course be our flagship 2014 game, Sniper Elite 3. And although we can’t talk about them right now we can’t wait to reveal even more titles with Mantle support in the next year.”

Source: Rebillion Games


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