How to request a new Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop near you?


Half of the fun in Pokemon GO is collecting Pokemons but the other half is collecting eggs, potions, balls in Pokestops and then competing in Gyms. Game’s developers set these places, previously, in famous monuments and parks in the city but if you live in a place with no Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop near you, the game becomes boring very quickly. Now, Niantic, developers of the game, are taking requests for new Pokestops and Gyms through its support site.

Request a new Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop near you?

Niantic now has a form on their website where you can go an submit a request for a new Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop near you.

  1. All you need to is open this link.
  2. It contains a form with basic information about your request like your email ID, subject of the request (enter ‘Request for new Pokestop or Gym’ as your subject).
  3. There is a drop down menu with ‘Reason‘ as its heading. Select “No Pokestop or Gym near me” from this menu.
  4. Write in your ‘Country, State/Province/Territory, City‘.
  5. Next up, you need to enter the name of the Pokestop and its address.
  6. You can also provide co-ordinates of the location to make it easier for the team to recognize the exact location. The form even lets you upload a picture of the location.
  7. Press the ‘Submit‘ button.



Your request will be forwarded to the developers and then its up to them to add a new Gym or Pokestop to that location. It’s better if you can also ask a couple of friends to submit the request for same location, it might improve the chances of having that placed selected. Ninatic is only allowing businesses and public places to be set as Gyms or Pokestops so submit a suitable location.


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