ROCCAT Kone XTD Review



Every mouse does what it is meant to do. Choosing among different mice is a personal preference depending on users grip and required set of features. There is neither any benchmark software nor any hard and fast rule to measure the performance of a mouse. The only way to test it is to use it in daily routine. After using this mouse for more than a fortnight, I can make comments depending on my own observations and these can vary from person to person. My usage includes a daily 14 hours of gaming, photo-editing and web-surfing.

In terms of hardware the Kone XTD has a Turbo Core V2 72Mhz ARM MCU processor, 576KB on-board memory for storing settings and macros, an 8200DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor and a TDCU (Tracking and distance control unit) for delivering excellent precision and tracking. ROCCAT claims that it will track on any surface and in our lab test we tested it on paper, carpet, wood table and even on a plastic board and it lived up to company’s claim.

To test its performance we played our favorite title ‘Battlefield 3’. FPS games require fast mouse actions with extreme precision. Playing with ROCCAT Kone XTD didn’t make us a better gamer but the overall gaming experience was more enjoyable. On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment proved of much use in a game like Battlefield 3 where snipers, infantry and other multiple roles need to be switched in a matter of seconds.


Ergonomics are a major deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a mouse. Kone XTD is one of the bigger mice and feels large in small hands. However, it remains comfortable even after prolong usage. The scroll wheel has a nice rubber grading for excellent grip and provides tactile feedback during scrolling or pressing. The DPI toggle switch is placed strategically so you don’t end up accidentally pressing it. The thumb buttons are easily accessible and so is the Easy-Shift[+] button. There is a total of 12 reprogrammable buttons including the three scroll wheel buttons.

Regardless of what activity you are doing, the mouse is pretty comfortable to use. There is no hand fatigue or discomfort during extended periods of usage. The rubberized surface feels nice under the palm. The mouse is balanced near the center and weighs 123g without the weights. With the additional weights installed, it can weigh 128g, 133g, 138g or 143g.

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