How to Root Google Nexus 5 – An Easy Guide

Root Google Nexus 5

It goes without saying that the Nexus 5 is one of the best Android smartphones money can buy. In fact, considering its unbelievable $350 price tag, it’s not too much money to begin with. For this you get a pure Android experience that gets updated faster than any other phone in the market. Add to the fact that it comes with flagship level specs and it’s no wonder that the Nexus 5 is one of the hottest phones around So you’ve just bought yourself a new Nexus 5 and wondering how to make the most out of it?

Root Google Nexus 5

Rooting a phone is one of the first things many Android enthusiasts do right after getting a new phone. Rooting as we know opens up the phone to a whole new world of possibilities. You can do things or run apps that you just cannot do on an unrooted phone. Want to overclock the CPU for more power? You will need root access. Want to do some fiddling with the OS? You will need root access. So let’s have a look at how you can root your Nexus 5.

Disclaimer: Follow this guide at your own risk. ChipLoco will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. Make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re doing before proceeding.


  • Fully 100% charged battery
  • All data must be backed up as this method will erase all the data.
  • USB debugging mode enabled
  • All required drivers (Fastboot & ADB) to connect the phone to the PC should be installed.
  • CF-Auto-Root file for Nexus 5


For rooting a Nexus 5 we will be following the CF-Auto-Root method. This is one of the easiest methods to root a Nexus phone and it’s perfect for those who want to stick as close to stock as possible. This method will first use Fastboot to unlock the device and then boot it using the root package.

  1. Download the supplied CF-Auto-Root file under prerequisites. Extract its contents anywhere on your computer where you can find them later.
Root Nexus 5

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  1. Boot your Nexus 5 into fastboot mode. Do this by first powering off the device and then pressing and holding the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  2. Connect your Nexus 5 to the computer and make sure all necessary USB drivers are installed which are mentioned in the prerequisites.
  3. Now it’s time to run the CF-Auto-Root script. The method for this is different depending on which OS you are using. It’s pretty simple for Windows, whereas you’ve to write some command lines in the terminal window for Linux and OS X.
    1. Windows: double click the root-windows.bat file from the extracted files in step 1. It’ll do the rest for you. You just have to sit and watch.
    2. Linux: Open the terminal and navigate to the directory where you extracted the contents of step 1. Enter the following command and it’ll run the needed script to root the phone:
      chmod +x
    3. OS X: Open the terminal and navigate to the directory where you extracted the contents of step 1. Enter the following command and the rest will be magic:
      chmod +x
  4. It’ll load some files on your phone and install them.Follow the on-screen device instructions. You may be prompted to unlock the bootloader for which your will obviously confirm yes.

That is all. Your phone will reboot and now you’ll have the root access. To confirm whether it has successfully been rooted you can download any number of root checking apps from the Play Store.


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