Samsung begins production of 20MP cameras for Galaxy Note 4

It’s only been a few months since Samsung released the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3, the successor to the popular Galaxy Note 2. But with the pace at which the smartphone industry moves, it comes as no surprise that the first bit of news about the Galaxy Note 4 has already popped up. This is regarding the camera that Samsung is developing for its upcoming phablet. Cameras have increasingly become more and more important in smartphones, which is why manufacturers are trying new ways to improve the optics.


According to a report by ET News in Korea, Samsung has already started working on the camera for the Galaxy Note 4. It will be a new 20MP unit and the goal for Samsung is to ship it by mid 2014. This is around the same time we can expect to see the Note 4. This 20MP camera should be better than the 16MP one that is expected to find its way in the Galaxy S5. It is widely reported that the camera on the Galaxy S5 will not have optical image stabilisation, something that many OEMs have begun to incorporate. Whether the new 20MP camera on the Galaxy Note 4 will have OIS is still not known.

We do hope that Samsung works on the overall optics quality rather than just increase megapixel count.

Source: ETNews


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