Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now official

The day that every phablet fan has been waiting for what seems like an eternity is finally here. Last year Samsung launched the successor to one of the most radical smartphone ideas, the Galaxy Note series. Over the course of two years it has ended up becoming one of the most successful smartphone series in the past half a decade. Galaxy Note 3 has been kept under the covers rather well by Samsung. We’ve barely had a solid leak regarding the phone. But today the covers are off officially. Galaxy Note 3 is officially official.

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First things first. If you were expecting Samsung to shift to metal for the built of Galaxy Note 3 then prepare to be disappointed. It’s still the same plastic finish we’ve all come to hate. There is one thing different though, the battery cover has some sort of faux leather finish, although it is at the end of the day a very thin plastic cover. The phone weighs 168g and is 8.3mm thin. Looks has never really been the Note’s thing. It’s the hardware and software, and Samsung really throws the kitchen sink here.

Galaxy Note is powered by a Snapdragon 800 SoC clocked at 2.3GHz with a whopping 3GB RAM. The camera too has been upgraded to 13MP, likely the same unit from Galaxy S4. The screen now measures 5.7-inch and uses AMOLED technology. It is obviously full HD. Samsung has thrown in a boat loads of features here. Swiping down on the home screen reveals a magazine like interface that works as an RSS feed. It looks incredibly similar to HTC’s BlinkFeed.

Action memos turn anything you write from the S-Pen into something you can interact with. Write down a phone number and you’ll be able to call it. Note down an address and you’ll be able to open it on Google Maps. The Air Command feature activates whenever you pop out the stylus. A menu appears showing the list of all S-Pen compatible apps.

Multi window functionality has been enhanced as well. You can now simultaneously run two apps in real time. For example Google Maps alongside the browser. You can even run two different instances of the same app side by side. Pen Window allows you to draw an area on the screen where you can float any mini app on top of everything.

Galaxy Note 3 will be available by the end of the year. It will be coming to all major carriers in the US.

Source: TheVerge


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