Samsung Galaxy Note 4 reported to have curved display

Its that time of the year when rumors about the devices that are to be released by the holiday season start rolling in like crazy. Since an year or two, the Galaxy Note phablets have been some of the most important devices launched in fall and its not different this year as well. Yesterday, we reported some key specifications of the Galaxy Note 4 which were leaked by a very credible source. A latest report citing a senior executive at one of the Samsung’s top local suppliers reveal that the company will launch the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA consumer electronics show which will take place in Berlin this September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The most important piece of information revealed by the executive is that Samsung will be launching two versions of the Galaxy Note 4 and no, the difference between these versions is not limited to processors or modems but this time Samsung will have two physically different versions of the Note 4. One of them will carry a flat OLED display whereas the other one will have a curved OLED display. One of the most aniticipated things Samsung is expected to reveal at IFA 2014 is curved OLED displays and what could be the best way to show off their new technology other than their flagship phablet?

Samsung has experimented with the curved display smartphone in the past as well with the Galaxy Round and as said, it was nothing more than an experiment. The Galaxy Round was only released to a limited number of markets in limited quantities. Furthermore, it wasn’t even received well by the critics. On the other hand, LG also launched G Flex with curved display and that was appreciated more as compared to Samsung’s effort especially because it is curved over the horizontal axis.

According to the previous report, the Galaxy Note 4 will come with Snapdragon 805 quad-core chip along with a 2560 x 1440 display. Furthermore, it’ll have a 16 megapixel Sony-powered camera on back.

Apart from the flagship phablet, Samsung will also unveil their Google Glass competitor at IFA 2014 along with UHD OLED TVs and several other home appliances.

Source: Korea Times


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