Samsung introduces new colour options for Galaxy Note 3

Samsung announced and released the Galaxy Note 3 a few months ago. The successor to the extremely popular Galaxy Note 2 was one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year. There was plenty new to see in the Galaxy Note 3, but perhaps the biggest change was seen on the design of the phone. Samsung, in a surprise move, ditched the glossy plastic we had all come to loathe, for a faux leather finish. Clearly Samsung is proud of this design, which is why it has just announced new colour options for Galaxy Note 3.

red galaxy note 3

The new colour options for Galaxy Note 3 include merlot red, rose gold black and rose gold white. The merlot red colour option is a more traditional paint job. It’s a Galaxy Note 3 in a strong red finish. The rose gold options are your standard white or black paint job, but with bronze accents instead of the usual silver ones.

black galaxy note 3

With these new colour options for Galaxy Note 3, the overall choice becomes pretty vast. Merlot red and rose gold will join the existing classic white and jet black with silver accents and a bluish pink version.

The rose gold white colour will be launched in China this month, with other colours launching in various regions later on.

Source: Android Central


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