Samsung may bring the stitched leather look to its laptops

Samsung has been heavily criticised for the use of glossy plastic on its smartphones. The Galaxy S4 released earlier this year came with such a finish, and was panned by critics all over. Samsung responded by introducing a new kind of look and feel with the Galaxy Note 3. The glossy plastic was replaced by a faux leather finish, complete with fake stitching. It’s a far cry from the classy looking designs such as the iPhone or the HTC One, but anything would have been better than glossy plastic. Samsung though seems to love this stitched leather finish, so much so that it’s now going to introduce it on its laptops.

stitched leather

Yes, you read that correctly. The stitched leather look is coming to Samsung laptops in the near future. The picture above is of an actual such laptop. It comes from a Korean website where the member who took it attending a local Samsung S Academy event. According to him the new Ativ Book 9 will come with this stitched leather finish, improved 2W speakers and Windows 8.1 onboard.

On paper it looks like a recipe for disaster, but then again so did the Galaxy Note 3. But as it turned out the leather finish wasn’t that bad on the phone. Maybe Samsung can pull it off on laptops? The real question however is why is there even such a need?

Source: Seeko


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