Samsung rumoured to be manufacturing Retina iPad Mini display

WWDC concluded just a few days ago and despite the plethora of announcements Apple made, there was no mention of the iPad what so ever. This was the first WWDC since the 2010 edition where an iPad was not announced. It was expected that we’d be seeing an upgraded Retina iPad Mini but nothing like that came to pass.

ipad mini

That does not mean Apple isn’t working on one. ETNews reports that Apple is currently working on acquiring displays for the Retina iPad Mini. And who’s the supplier? It’s none other than Samsung, the company Apple has come to know a lot better in court in recent times. Despite Apple’s attempts at distancing itself from Samsung as its component supplier, it seems as if the Korean giant is Cupertino’s only choice for the time being. For the display to be qualified as ‘Retina’, Apple will need to up the resolution to 2048 x 1536, which is the same as the iPad 4.

The Retina iPad Mini displays will be provided to Apple in the third quarter of this year, or even as early as next month. This will give them enough time to manufacture enough units to get them through the holiday season. The product unveiling will most probably take place in October this year alongside the iPhone 5S/6.

Source: ETNews


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