Samsung starts production of Galaxy Note 3 Lite

A few weeks ago we reported that Samsung has plans to announce as many as five new handsets by the beginning of next year. Some of those were usual mid-ranged stuff, but one of them was an alleged Galaxy Note 3 Lite. We reported that Galaxy Note 3 Lite would be a slightly cheaper, and maybe even slightly smaller version of the Galaxy Note 3. At that point though it wasn’t even confirmed whether such a phone will come or not. As it turns out, according to a report from Korea, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite is already in production.

red galaxy note 3

Galaxy Note 3 Lite won’t be smaller than the current Note 3. It will have the same 5.68-inch screen. The difference between the two is that the Lite phone will come with an LCD screen, as opposed to AMOLED. Samsung will manufacture 500,000 Galaxy Note 3 Lite in January and then 1,500,000 in February. Eventually the company hopes for Lite to account for 30% of the sales of the Note 3 lineup.

We’re still not sure what Samsung hopes to achieve out of this. If the Galaxy Note 3 is substantially cheaper than the current Note 3, then it could cannibalise sales of its elder sibling. That being said, it won’t be the first time Samsung will release a new product which is strikingly similar to its previous one.

Source: G4Games


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