Samsung’s Second 6Gbps SSD Surfaces: the SSD 830

One week after the release of their first 6Gbps capable SSD, Samsung’s new consumer level 6Gbps SSD surfaces: the Samsung SSD 830. This new drive comes in a very unique and premium looking brushed metal enclosure.

Samsung SSD 830 not only looks premium but it has premium components too. An updated Samsung controller along with two ARM cores along with Toggle NAND and blistering fast 6Gbps SATA interface will take this drive to no less than 500MB/s reads and 350MB/s write speeds. Along with all this, it supports full drive AES-256 encryption.

Samsung SS 830 will be available after October in capacities ranging from 64GB to 512GB. It will be available in three different configurations: a standalone drive, a notebook upgrade kit and a desktop upgrade kit. Notebook upgrade kit and desktop upgrade kit will come with a full version of Norton Ghost.

Source: AnandTech


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