Samsung working on cheaper Galaxy Note 3

A new report from Korea is claiming that Samsung is building a cheaper version of Galaxy Note 3 to go along with the default, more expensive one. The cheaper version of the phablet will be targeted towards emerging markets where people generally do not prefer to, or cannot pay top dollar for a flagship. Of course to cut costs Samsung will have to make sacrifices on the specs front.


According to the report the cheaper Galaxy Note 3 will be equipped with an LCD screen. Samsung will be using an AMOLED panel for the expensive version. Hopefully the LCD screen will maintain the expected 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 13MP camera will also be swapped for an 8MP unit. So far these are the only two changes that have been noted although don’t be surprised if the SoC gets a downgrade too. What Samsung will aim for is to cut costs as much as they can without sacrificing user experience.

There are no details on how much effect on the price will this move have. What also remains to be seen is which regions will this phone be targeted at. Whatever region it is, we hope people there get a choice to purchase the more expensive Galaxy Note 3 if they can.

Source: Sammobile


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