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Government launched online school evaluation system in Islamabad

Pakistan Government School

Prime Minster Nawaz’s Government has launched an online school evaluation system in Islamabad under the Prime Minister’s Education Reforms Programme (PMERP), the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD). The new evaluation system is to improve the standard of education and other necessities in all Government schools operating in the capital territory.

PMERP is headed by the prime minister’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, through a committee comprising some MNAs, including CADD minister, and handpicked officials while CADD oversees activities of government educational institutions in Islamabad’s urban and rural areas.

The Government has appointed 22 Monitoring and Evaluation assistants (MEAs) who have been tasked to visit all the educational institutions twice a month and collect data regarding the state of education, students enrollment, attendance, official visits by management, allocation of non-salary budget, condition of classrooms, toilets, drinking water and electricity.

The MEAs have been equipped with tablets and are required to submit pictorial evidence of their visits as well as pictures of school’s staff.

Some of the MEAs have double master’s degrees in Physics, Economics, and Biology while mostly are upper and lower divisional clerks, lab assistants and attendants. They have been selected after due process and given hands-on training.

They (monitoring and evaluation assistants) do not have the authority to go beyond their scope of work. In case of any complaints against their attitude or behavior, school or colleges heads could lodge complaints with the PMERP through for necessary action,” said Mr. Ali Raza, adviser to the PMERP.

This initiative will help the FDE management, area education officers and other decision-makers take prompt and informed decisions about the respective schools and thus, improving the overall learning environment there,” he further added.


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