Scythe Intros Two Slip Stream Fans with PCI Bracket Controller

Scythe added two new fans to to its Slip Stream series of case fans. The new 120mm and 140mm fans come with a PCI slot bracket speed controller which enable users to control rotational speed of the fans according to their needs. Apart from manual control, both of the new fans offer automatic speed control using Pulse-width modulation signal (PWM).

With 30,000 hrs of MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure), the 120mm Slip Stream fan rotates at a speed varying from 470 to 1900 RPM and produces 7.05 to 37 dBA of noise. The 140mm one operates at 500 to 1700 RPM with 9.6 to 36.4 dBA. It can fit both into 120mm and 140mm fan slots.

These new fans have a  recommended price tag of €9.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine


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