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SeeNote is a digital sticky note which syncs over WiFi

These days, all the digital devices around us are loaded with reminders, calendar and notes apps but nothing is quite as effective as the good old sticky notes that we stick to our refrigerator at home or our desk at office. The SeeNote is a digital replacement for the sticky notes which works mostly like the analog sticky notes. You can simply stick this small device to any place like your refrigerator or a wall. It has a small 4.2-inch ePaper display along with a Li-Ion battery which lasts a full month. You need to install an app on your phone for the first time setup but after that you can even send the notes to SeeNote using email.


For connectivity, it has WiFi which syncs the notes over your home WiFi connection so you don’t even need to have your phone near to operate SeeNote. It also comes with Bluetooth which is used to communicate other small home appliances like switches or lights which you can directly control from SeeNote. SeeNote also shows transit and traffic data along with appointment alerts.

SeeNote can be pre-ordered now for USD 99 and the shipping starts in Spring 2017.


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