Skype 7 brings a redesign on Windows and Mac

Skype has been mostly focused on voice and video calls but with recent overflow on instant messaging apps, Microsoft combined the MSN Messenger into Skype and started developing it as a complete messaging app. It has been getting several improvements in past months which aligned it with its new goals. These updates mostly showed up on mobile apps. The desktop apps (both Windows and Mac) have been neglected for most part. However, Microsoft has now announced the version 7 of Skype which is being released on Mac and will be released on Windows soon.

Skype 7

One of the major updates is the design. The Skype 7 brings a new brand new interface which we’ve been seeing on mobile Skype apps for a while now. It now brings the bubble-style chat design which we’ve seen on many apps. Along with the chat bubbles, contact’s pictures are shown as well as the time stamps. Furthermore, the media sharing also gets revamped. Unlike previous desktop version, the shared photos are show inline as thumbnails. Documents and PDF files are also shown in thumbnails which make it a lot easier to find old attachments as well as makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

Skype 7

Now, on Mac, you can chat and video call in the same window. This design also lets you share files without getting away from your video chat. This has been one of the most asked-for features. The group chat experience has also been improved now.

Skype for Mac 7.0 is now available for download, whereas on Windows, the preview version is available for now. Final release will follow later.


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