Snapchat suffers massive privacy breach; 4.6 million phone numbers and usernames leaked

Snapchat is the latest fad that has been going around for the past few months. The service really hit it off in 2013, quickly becoming one of the hottest ‘social networks’. The idea is simple, you send a picture to your friend, which then automatically self destructs after a set time period. According to the CEO of the company, over 400 million ‘snaps’ are sent everyday using the app. While the service was certainly making its way up the ranks, it has all come to a grinding halt thanks to a massive security breach.


The phone numbers and usernames of over 4.6 million Snapchat users have been leaked online. North American users are most effected by this leak, however it also contains private data from users across the globe. What really makes matters worse for Snapchat is that only a few days ago they were told by Gibson Security about potential security holes in their setup. Snapchat chose to ignore the concerns, assuring users that their information is safe. Gibson then went on to explain how in just 7 minutes, over 10,000 phone numbers could be leaked using the app’s private APIs.

Snapchat was recently offered $4 billion from Facebook to be bought, which they turned down. Google has also made similar offers, which too were turned down. Needless to say no body is going to be making any offers for the foreseeable future.

Hit the source link to check whether your account was compromised or not. Happy sexting!

Source: Snapchatdb



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