Sony Xperia Z3 specs leaked; looks the same as Z2

Sony is undoubtedly the dark horse of the smartphone world. Where phones from Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola regularly make headlines, phones from Sony fly somewhat under the radar. Earlier this year the Japanese giant released the Xperia Z2, which carried over the same beautiful design of the Xperia Z1 before it. It rectified many of the pressing issues that faced the Z1, including the subpar screen. So what could Sony have up its sleeve for the Xperia Z3?

xperia z2

If you remember, earlier this year Sony said that they plan to refresh their flagship phones twice a year. It was certainly odd to see a company make such an announcement after announcing a new phone. Also, was half a year going to be enough for a noticeable upgrade? Usually it takes around 12 months for technology to move forward enough to warrant an upgrade. If the leaked specs of the Xperia Z3 are to be believed, that is not the case.

Evleaks has just posted the specs of the upcoming Xperia Z3. According to the leakster, the phone will come with a Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.4GHz. It will have 3GB RAM, 5.15-inch full HD screen, 16GB internal memory and a 20.7MP camera at the back. If these specs look suspiciously similar to the ones on the Xperia Z2, you’d be right. These are nigh on identical. We’re not sure what Sony plans to do with the Xperia Z3 but one thing looks certain; it won’t be playing the specs game.

Source: Evleaks


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