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SPARKLE Calibre X560 Ti DF Review


We used latest MSI AfterBurner and GPUz along with Furmark 1.9.1 and our benchmarking suite to test the overclockability and stability at the highest possible clock. Fan and voltage settings are left on default during overclocking.
Please note that every card overclocks to a different level, our testing should only be considered as a guideline to what you should expect from your card.

We were able to overclock core clock of our factory overclocked card to 1010 MHz as compared to default clock of 950 MHz and NVIDIA’s reference clock of 822 MHz (6% overclock over default clock and 23% over reference clock ). Memory was overclocked to 1225 MHz; default memory clock of our card is 1151 MHz while NVDIA’s reference memory clock is 1002 MHz (6% over default clock and 22% over reference clock).
6% overclock over default core clock isn’t that good but if we compare it with NVIDIA’s reference core clock than 23% extra is pretty nice.

Overclocked Performance:

We ran Unigine Heaven 2.5 at 1080p to check the actual performance gain.

As the results show, there is a gain of 6% in 3D performance after overclock.


Power Consumption:

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