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SPARKLE Calibre X560 Ti DF Review

Price Reference:

  • Quiet operation
  • Good looks
  • Metal back plate
  • Reasonable price
  • Support for DirectX 11, CUDA and PhysX
  • Solid construction
  • Only two active display outputs per card
  • Low overclocking headroom (at least on our card)
  • Only 2-way SLI support

NVIDIA presented a new card for mid end market segment and it won our hearts. The GeForce GTX560 Ti offer a lot more performance to this segment with almost same price at which GeForce GTX460 1GB was offered. It runs all the games including latest DirectX 11 titles at high resolutions with play able frame rates. Only contenders to GeForce GTX560 Ti are Radeon HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6950. These three cards go neck to neck with each other most of the times but NVIDIA usually takes the crown due to more games being optimized for its cards along with CUDA and PhysX support.

Despite of amazing performance, GeForce GTX560 Ti has decent power consumption numbers which adds up another reason to buy it.

With all the qualities GeForce GTX560 Ti boasts, SPARKLE took the card to a whole new level. They bumped up the core clock to 950 MHz from reference value of 822 MHz but the story doesn’t end here, SPARKLE also topped up the offering with a newly designed cooler with dual 90 mm fan and a metal back plate. SPARKLE X560 Ti DF is one of the few cards to have core clock of 950 MHz. In our testing, we were able to overclock the card over 1000 MHz which is really impressive and gave the card a few more rendering horses.

The only negative I found about the card is the performance of the cooler. It’s not that bad but it’s not that great either. A better performing cooler should really have helped in overclocking with voltage tuning.

Overall, it’s a really nice card with lots of juice to run all the latest games.

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