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SPARKLE GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB Review

Closer Look at the Card:

SPARKLE GTX 550 Ti features a very futuristic design with black and purple theme. First thing comes into mind after watching this graphics card is the Batmobile though it’s all plastic and is very light. It has a blue PCB that doesn’t make any sense with a black and purple card that has come from future.

Cooler shroud is a bit bigger than the PCB hence it pops out a bit from the actual length of the PCB.

SPARKLE used a simple circular cooler exactly like the reference design with aluminum fins and an 80 mm intake fan at center to cool this graphics card. It will offer better performance than reference design with reference shroud because with SAPRKLE’s shroud hot air will have more space to escape but it has its own disadvantage, hot air will be dumped into your case. Memory and voltage regulation circuitry got no heat sinks.

As other low end GeForce cards, GTX 550 Ti has only 1 SLI finger which allows you to put two similar cards in SLI for improved performance.

It has two dual link DVI ports and a mini-HDMI port (v 1.4a) for display connectivity. You can only use two active displays at any time utilizing any two of the display connectivity ports. Two cards are required for three monitor setup.

An HDMI audio device is integrated into the GPU and the audio sound is carried by mini-HDMI port to an external audio source. It supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, AC-3, DTS and up to 7.1 channel audio with 192 kHz/24-bit.

It got only one 6-pin PCIe connector like its predecessor, GeFroce GTS 450. This configuration is good enough to suck 150 W of power.

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