SteelSeries Reveals the “Stratus” Wireless iOS 7 Gamepad

At CES 2014, SteelSeries has launched the ‘Stratus’ – first wireless gamepad for iOS 7 devices. The Stratus is the first wireless controller to fully support iOS 7 and connects easily to iPhone, iPod, iPad and even HDTVs through Apple TV via Bluetooth 2.1.

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“The Stratus Wireless Controller, the first wireless gamepad controller ever to be supported in iOS 7, forever alters the mobile gaming landscape,” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. “With Stratus, gamers have easy and direct access to a growing roster of great games on iPad that were intended for an immersive, controller-enabled experience. We’re incredibly excited to be the first gaming peripherals company to develop a standalone controller for iOS devices and are thrilled to see an abundance of high quality game titles rolling out from publishers everyday.”

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless iOS 7 Controller

Mobile gaming is the next big thing with desktop-level graphics hitting smartphones and tablets. SteelSeries has taken this opportunity to launch the first wireless gamepad for iOS 7. iOS 7 allows developers to introduce PC and console games to smartphones and tablets which increases the need of a proper gaming controller. SteelSeries Stratus’s layout is identical to PlayStation’s controller with slight changes. The controller has a sleek, lightweight design with a comfortable grip and a massive battery life of 10+ hours.

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SteelSeries Stratus features 4 face buttons labelled A,X,Y,B, 4 shoulder buttons labelled R1, L1, R2 , L2, 2 analog sticks and a D-pad making it a perfect fit for any game. The ergonomic design is portable enough to carry anywhere you want while at the same time big enough to easily hold and maneuver. The Stratus also comes with a back cover which can be attached at the back of the controller and works as an added grip. The face buttons, shoulder buttons and D-pad buttons all feature pressure sensitivity making them as precise as possible.

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Pricing & Availability

SteelSeries Stratus is available for pre-order from SteelSeries’s website for $99. Well Apple users already pay a premium for everything so a $99 controller shouldn’t hurt their pockets. For more information, please visit the product page.

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