Here’s how to stop Facebook from accessing your WhatsApp data


WhatsApp recently announced that they will be sharing users’ data with Facebook. This comes after the top management of WhatsApp had promised several times that they won’t be sharing the user data. The data will be used to inform you about the friends who might have exchanged number with you but are not connected on Facebook. Furthermore, business will be able to use your phone number to inform you about different situations like delayed flights, fraudulent transactions etc.

In addition to that, after being ad-free ever since its inception, WhatsApp will be finally getting ads and these will go hand in hand with Facebook and Instagram ads that businesses can create using the Facebook Business Manager.

However, you can stop Facebook from getting your WhatsApp data and avoid all these ads and data sharing. There are two scenarios to opt-out of this ‘feature’ – first one being if you haven’t accepted the new terms and conditions after app update and second one being if you have already done that.

How to opt out if I have not updated the app?

WhatsApp asks you to accept new terms and conditions after a recent app update which enables the data sharing. You can opt out of the data sharing while still having the latest version of the app. After you open the app for the first time after update, it shows you a prompt about changes in the terms and conditions and asks you to accept them to go forward. All you need to do is tap on “Read more…” area then scroll down through the terms and conditions page. Down below, there is a part that says “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences.” Simply uncheck this part and accept the terms.


How to opt out if I have already accepted new Terms and Conditions?

If you have already accepted the new terms and conditions, you still have 30 days before you can opt out. Simply go to the ‘Settings’ of WhatsApp, open ‘Account’ and uncheck the “Share my account info”. This will also opt you out of the new policy.



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