Tek-Republic TH Pro Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset Review


Tek-Republic is a newly found company from Pasadena, California. They have come forward with a couple of gaming headsets and gaming mice. We at Chiploco have never dealt with this company before; therefore we have high hopes for a great first impression. Tek-Republic uses the following statement to explain them: “Tek-Republic is focused on developing, manufacturing, and bringing the reliable high-performance consumer electronics and computer gaming peripherals”.

Today, we have the Tek-Republic TH Pro 7.1 virtual surround gaming headset with us in our lab. Like most virtual surround sound headsets this headphone uses a USB 2.0 connection and comes with a software installation disk. TH Pro produces 7.1 virtual surround sound with the help of this software.

Costing $45, this headset isn’t cheap. This headphone has 40mm driver unit giving frequency response of 10Hz – 20000Hz on impedance of 50ohm. Sensitivity is 97dB. This headset features an inline volume control, noise isolating ear pads, adjustable headband and a microphone that can be freely positioned.


  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Dynamic Bass
  • Noise-Isolating Ear Pads
  • Circumaural design
  • Adjustable Soft Headband
  • Soft ear cushions and headband padding
  • Uni-Directional Microphone
  • In-Line Volume & Mute
  • USB Connectivity

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