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Turbooz, NetSol’s e-commerce venture, gets a new logo and website


Turbooz, NetSol’s fashion e-commerce website, gets a full rebrand with a new logo, website and brand identity. According to company’s Facebook page, the official launch of the new website is tomorrow but its already live. And the new redesigned logo has been around for a couple of weeks now.

NetSol is ranking among some of the best technology providers in the world and their e-commerce website mainly focused on fashion has been around for a while but now the company seems to be giving it the much needed attention to seriously compete with other big names in the industry like TCS’s Yayvo and Daraz.

The new logo (compared with the old logo below) gives the brand a quirky and fun look which is evident in its name as well (Turbooz means watermelon in Urdu). The old logo seemed a bit generic and distant from the company’s name. A couple of images shared on Turbooz’s social media pages also gives a sneak peak into its new brand identity which seems inspired from old graphic novels with black and white print. The new Turbooz also has a new tagline – your slice of fashion.


The new website also brings Turbooz to 2016 with a fully response design along with big and bold images. We are hopeful that with a completely new design, Turbooz management will also work on making the online shopping a bit easier and pleasant for buyers as currently a lot of online stores are not up the international standards.


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