urBeats for iPhone; the first product by Beats after being acquired by Apple?

Though neither Beats nor Apple has come out and confirmed it officially, the acquisition of Beats by Apple is all but a done deal. Apple will purchase the popular headphones company for $3.2B, which is one of the largest acquisitions Apple has made. Companies get acquired all the time, but this one certainly has everyone scratching their heads. What exactly does Apple want from Beats, and what exactly does Beats have to offer Apple? We may not know the answer to that question right now, but these new earphones by Beats might be the first indication of what to expect.

beats by apple

Pictured above are urBeats se earphones, which are listed as coming soon on Beats’s UK website. The title of the webpage refers to these as ‘urBeats for iPhone 5S’. The trio of colour options also match the colour options Apple offers with the iPhone 5S. This includes space grey, silver and gold. You can purchase these for £ 79.95 whenever they are available.

We’re certain Apple has bigger plans with this company, and we will get to know more about them in the near future. But for the end consumer, expect more Beats product designed specifically for Apple products in the future. Maybe the iPhone 6 will come with Beats earphones out of the box?

Source: Beats


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