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Here’s how to verify your NADRA CNIC and family tree via SMS


In wake of recent terrorism activities, NADRA has started a full scale re-verification of the CNIC and family tree to catch people having fake CNICs. To make it easier to public, an SMS verification service has also been launched by NADRA in collaboration with Telenor.

You can report any anomalies in your record right from the SMS and a NADRA representative will get in touch with you to investigate and rectify the issue.

How to verify your NADRA CNIC via SMS?

You can verify your CNIC and family tree via SMS by following these very simple steps given below:

  1. Send your CNIC number (with or without dashes) to 8008.
  2. You will get a reply shortly listing all your family members.
  3. If the list is correct and there is no additional person listed in your family tree, simply reply “2” to confirm the list. If there is any anomaly, reply “1” to notify the authorities who will get it touch with you.

That is all. Anyone is the family can perform these steps to confirm the whole family. All the members don’t have to do it.

There is one major drawback of this service. Anyone with your CNIC number can verify the family tree. If a fraudster has been illegally issued a CNIC by being included in your family, he can easily re-verify the list if he has CNIC number of anyone from your family.

The re-verification drive starting from July 1, 2016 will go on for 6 months. However, about 400,000 people have already used the SMS service to verify their family tree and a total of about 13,000 fake family members have also been reported by, according to DAWN. NADRA is already investigating these people.


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