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A hacker has downloaded Vine’s complete source code

Vine Source Code

A white hack hacker, avicoder, was able to download entire source code of Twitter’s video website Vine early this year. There was a sub-domain of Vine which was only to be used by internal developers but avicoder found it while running the Vine domain through an analytic tool.

The said sub-domains hosts a full image image of the Vine for developers to test internally. Avicoder was able to download the whole thing and start an exact copy of the video website locally on his computer. This would have a been a complete nightmare for Vine as well as its developers but fortunately, avicoder is a white hat hacker and he immediately reported it to the company.

After full verification of the bug, Vine immediately fixed the issue and awarded $10,000 to the hacker who has now signed an NDA to not disclose the source code in any form.

Avicoder has also published a blog post detailing exactly how he gained access to the source code.


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