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8 department heads of Warid to serve in advisory roles at Mobilink until their fate is decided


Warid and Mobilink’s merger finally completed earlier this month after approval from regulatory bodies. Now its time for the merger to happen practically which means that one of the brands will eventually be killed (Warid most probably) and lots of people might loose their jobs. This process will take about an year or so.

First piece of information that’s coming out after the official completion is that eight department heads of Warid will be serving in advisory roles for their counterparts in Mobilink. For the next 90 days, these heads will be answerable to the corresponding department head’s of Mobilink. Similarly, Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid will report to Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Mobilink.

These 90 days will decide the fate of these key people of Warid and after the specified time is over, they may be allowed to retain their position.

As per the deal between Warid and Mobilink, both companies will be merged into one entity with single board and management.


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